What we’ve been eating.

26 Jul

Indian food from the Raja, Home County Folk Festival, London On.

Grilling beef tenderloin on the coolest $10.00 bbg Long Point On.

The table is set for our outdoor feast.

Happy people at a beach picnic.

The vegetarians' plate; pasta salad with roasted tomatoes, coleslaw with apple cider dressing and chickpeas with feta, grape tomatoes and cucumber.











Roasted vegetables from Soiled Reputation, grilled Haloumi from Monforte Dairy.




It’s been a delicious summer so far.  Tomorrow, I’m making my first peach pie of the season, and despite the drought we’ve been experiencing in Southern Ontario, the corn has been fantastic. I’ve been  cooking;  cream corn, corn spoon bread, corn fritters, and corn on the cob.  Also, I spent a beautiful Sunday morning at the Stratford Slow Food market, real food produced and sold by people who believe in what they’re doing.  A new bakery has opened in Stratford, The Bakery at Pazzo, I bought lemon tart, brownies and their feature bread, whole wheat with fennel and fig.  So much good food, we devoured the bread and sweets at dinner last night.  If you’re in Stratford, definitely check it out.  The Slow Food market is on Sundays in the town square, bring a cooler so that you can buy Monforte dairy cheese and there’s a  vendor who sells sustainable  eco-friendly fish, and definitely drop by the Soiled Reputation stall for terrific vegetables and greens, owned and farmed by Tina and Antony Johns, the hippest, most intelligent farmers you will ever meet.




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