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22 Aug

It was a busy four days.  As usual, I try to cram as much as possible into our annual summer trip to Chicago, a city that I find both easy to navigate and always welcoming.

Highlights of the August 2011 Tour;

Hoosier  Mama Pie Company, awesome key lime pie, but phone ahead as they sell out.

Quartinos, Italian Trattoria style restaurant, loud and fun with good thin crust pizza, 626 N.State St.

The Walnut room on the top floor of Macy’s on State St. (that used to be Marshall Fields) Really good old school food, think chicken salad, iced tea and strawberry shortcake, so worth a visit.

Chicago Food tours, three hours of talking about food, history and architecture.  So worth the money and so good to get off of Michigan Ave. for an afternoon.

Piece Out, a pizza place/brew pub that does over 6 million in sales a year.  Not a “concept” place, just good food and beer that does really well. 1923 W.North Ave

Hot Chocolate, restaurant, dessert bar and pastries, we had their hot chocolate over ice with a homemade marshmallow.   Is it possible to be in love with a drink?  Closed Tuesdays. 1747 N.Damen Ave.

Posh, a small store that specializes in small housewares, linens and glassware from France, beautifully merchandised and affordable.  613 North State St.

Also, Intelligentsia for coffee, Chicago architectural boat tours (again), the Art Institute, the Chicago History Museum, Francescas on West Taylor for our annual last night in Chicago dinner.

I’ve decided to keep writing, and to keep traveling, if only to keep myself interested and connected to a big wide world outside of South Western Ontario.

Chicago from the river on a warm sunny afternoon, with a fruity cocktail on hand.

Hoosier Mama Pie Company

Outside of Hoosier Mama