Don’t quit my day job.

2 Sep

It’s been a super fun summer, and soon Tuesday in fact, it’s back to my day job.

I’m going to  engage is some indulgent self reflection, which is the essence of personal blogs anyway;  I’ve returned from New Brunswick and an epic drive home (22 hours total, with some amazing food on the way, great noodle house in Burlington Vermont , and the BEST sandwich EVER in Saranec New York).  I didn’t have access to any much technology while I was there, so I was able to spend time hanging out and experiencing the beauty and friendliness that is the East Coast.  (Hi Emma, awesome apartment and kitty Kyle is rock star gorgeous).  Also, my camera battery died on my second day, so I was forced to see things with my own eyes instead of a camera lens.  I love the Maritimes; the people, the landscape, the water, the food, architecture, beach combing, the food, even the morning fog.  I would move there, if I could figure out how to; I’d have to quit my day job, I’m not quite ready for that.

I’ve had a lot of fun and have experienced a lot of happiness thus summer; lots of good food, trips to the beach, picnics, thrifting, Chicago, Toronto, St. Andrews NB, my happy list for the summer is full, but now I’m looking forward and what’s on my happy list for the fall?

Keep writing, I missed not writing while I was away.

Pears, apples, pumpkins and warm spices.  I like the way my kitchen smells in the fall, squash soup on the stove and apple crisp in the oven.

Walks in the country on cool fall afternoons,

New York with the cousins at the end of October.  I am so excited and so grateful that I have been given permission by my day job folks so that I can do this.  I need to go into dietary training to go there as there are so many places that I need to eat at; The Doughnut Plant, City Bakery, Peter Lugers, hopefully Momofuku and Milk bar.

Dinners with friends and a return to chocolate and caramel desserts.

Stews and Braises.

My guilty pleasure, football, college ball on Saturdays, and the Saints on Sunday (on those rare Sundays that a Saints game is on TV).

My goal this fall is to stay creatively busy to stay happy.  I’ll be cooking, traveling, writing, and still working my day job.  That’s OK, it affords me so many more opportunities, I still like it, and I’m just not ready to quit, yet.

Some pictures of New Brunswick, until my camera died.

Ossies for fish and chips.

St. Andrews in the morning.











Deb, a St. Andrew's Princess.

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