18 Oct

It’s been a while.  I’m sorry.  I don’t want to make excuses, but life has been dealing me a few challenging rounds.  I’m not complaining, just coping with the day to day;which includes my Mom who is really sick and has been hospitalized since September 23.

Other than doing lots of extra driving. here’s what I’ve been up to, and a few things that I have been thinking about;

Why is hospital food so unhealthy?  I’m not talking about bland, but unhealthy, mass produced pre-packaged, industrial, full of preservatives and chemicals fake food.  Jello pudding cups, Kellog’s Nutri-grain bars???  Is this really what we feed sick people?  Why don’t hospitals serve their patients real food, you know food that comes from farms, not factories?  We’ve been lead to believe by “experts,” that real food is full of fat and or too much salt and is therefore unhealthy.  But really it’s about “efficiencies,” i.e. saving money.  But long term/big picture, people who eat healthy food, are generally healthier and end of saving all of us taxpayers money.

I’ve been cooking and taking food to my Mom in the hospital; vegetarian curry in a hurry, stupid name but delicious dish, ricotta gnocchi, rice pudding, chocolate pudding, soups, anything that I can think of that is healthier than what the hospital tries to pass of as “food.”  Ok, got that off my chest.

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately, and so has my nephew Randy, his are more interesting than mine, but what’s really interesting is that he has limited vision and is legally blind.  While looking at some his pictures I was able to see into his heart, he is a wondrous gift.

Life is not bad right now, just complicated, and I am still grateful.

I had to get back to this, I will post recipes tomorrow, but for now snaps of my life lately…

Randy by Randy

Uncle Dan, by Randy

Danielle and Vanessa set our Thanksgiving table.

Piggy taking a break from all of the Thanksgiving festivities.

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