One day at a time.

26 Oct

Last night we saw the Northern Lights, large bands of red and green covered the Northern sky like ribbons of salt water taffy.  I have never seen them before, but had always wanted to; impressive and awe inspiring.  While we were watching the night sky above us, I saw a shooting star. I took both of these events as an omen that I needed to step back and count my blessings.  So here goes;

 Family, both the two and four legged varieties.

 Friends, same as above

The  ability to travel as in my upcoming trip to New York

I have a good job, I live in a great house, no buts…

DJR, no explanation required, especially because he will eat beans and vegetarian wieners with me.

Canadian health care, always available when we need it.

Sybil, my car.

The Simons.

Thin crust pizza.



My friend Lee

I’m actually getting tired writing this list, there is a lot to be grateful for…I just need to remember that.

This one makes me believe in miracles.

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