16 Jan
It’s been a while; life is not predictable and all of the best planning, organizing, list-making, and preparedness, does not ever prepare you for the death of a loved one.  My Mom died on December 30th 2011 from pancreatic cancer, not quite eight weeks after diagnosis.  She had not been feeling well for a long time, a hospital stay in May of 2011 proved futile, a summer of suffering more tests and an inability to eat solid food, finally  led to back to the hospital in September.  After being hospitalized for six weeks, and a brutal surgery from which she almost died,( having lost so much blood) to reroute a “blockage” a diagnosis was made.  I chose to be there with her.  Most days she was in so much pain, yet everyday she showed grace and compassion.  She was scared, “terrified” is what she said to me, yet she never wallowed in self pity and looked at the road a head of her as a journey with an uncertain end;the date and time of her death couldn’t be predicted.  My Mom chose to live each day and not to focus on dying, she chose life. 
She told me that I would have to “get on with my own life.”  Yep. it’s true, but things are different now.  My Mom was brave and strong, because of what I saw, I have no fear of death now.  It is a process, the body/the shell dies, her spirit lives on.  So, I’m choosing life too.
This year I plan to;
1.  Write more, it doesn’t matter who reads it, ot even if no one reads it, it’s good for me to be creative.
2.  Cook more.
3.  Take more risks/live outside my comfort zone.
4.  Learn something new every day.
5.  Be nicer, random acts of kindness sustained us during her marathon 3 month stay in the hospital, random acts of kindness DO make a difference.
6. Challenge the norm.
7.  Find the right reasons for what I say or do.
8.  Maintain a journal of anything that inspires me.
9.  Surround myself with passionate people.
10.  Be myself.
There, I’ve made myself vulnerable by putting it all “out there,”  that’s good, it feels good, it’s a start.  My Mom decided, just a few days after her terminal diagnosis, that she was going to live until the day she died.  Great advice right?  After all, we’re all terminal, an official diagnosis is like a best before date, an approximation.  This year, I am going to follow my Mom’s advice and live everyday.  It’s the best way to honour her, “live honey, just live.”

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