A Canadian cuisine?

21 Apr

I want to maintain my blog, the discipline of writing is good for me; but true to my inherently chaotic, frenetic nature, it’s a struggle for me to stay focused.  here;s what’s been in my head just in the last three days.

  • Spent some exciting time at Fort York National Historic site in Toronto on Friday with Bridget Wranich program officer of Heritage Food at Fort York and Elizabeth Baird, the wonderful Canadian cookbook author, who volunteers at FY and is along with Bridget, writing a cookbook based on recipes and celebrations from the Fort. I was inspired to visit the kitchen there after the food symposium I attended several weeks ago. I am convinced that I want to spend more time there, so I am going to somehow reshape my life to make this possibility a reality.
  • I have been reading and rereading my collection of vintage Canadian cookbooks, so much information to absorb that I have neglected over the years that now leads me to believe that an authentic Canadian cuisine exists and has always existed but was neglected and pushed to the side while we as a country looked elsewhere for inspiration.
  • Yesterday I spent the day in Stratford On with a group of old friends and new friends, what an inspiring day; from the initial coffee at Revel. to lunch at Monforte to a final glass of wine at artist Shane Norrie’s house, the day was full of discussion about art, food, furniture, design with lots of laughs along the way…butt bleaching???
  • Today I’m home trying to put everything into order, what do I do with this new inspiration? I love the energy that creative people bring with them to a day, better than a bottle of wine to a party.  So much to think about, paint colours, food to cook, things to do, journeys to take.

In the meantime, I’m making black bean soup today, maybe a prune tart, putting stuff on kiji so that I can buy new stuff, homework for my new course, homework for my job, laundry, the car needs gas, …No wonder I don’t get anything done.


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