A large iron kettle of tea

23 Feb

iron kettle of tea

“Our men worked well until dinner-time, when after washing in the lake, they all sat down to the rude board which I had prepared for them, loaded with the best fare that could be procured in the bush.  Pea-soup, legs of pork, venison, eel and raspberry pies, garnished with plenty of potatoes, and whiskey to wash them down, besides a large iron kettle of tea…” written by Mrs Susanna Moodie in Roughing it in the Bush.  She is describing a building bee in Upper Canada near Peterborough in 1835.

I love this book, I have a copy published in 1923, I would love to own a first edition, but they are rare and expensive.  I have marked the food passages with notes, the variety and abundance of seasonal food is astounding.  “…A second growth of young timber had grown up in this spot, which was covered also with raspberry…

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