Magnificence and Maple Syrup

29 Apr

iron kettle of tea

“Maple Syrup-This beautiful addition to the table is a portion of the syrup, taken out when it begins to thicken to the consistency of virgin honey…if for use in your own family, boil it rather longer, and cork it tight, setting it by a cool cellar to keep from fermentation. It is used as sauce for pancakes, puddings and to eat with bread…”

“The boiling place is made by fixing two large stout forked posts into the ground, over which a pole is laid, stout  to enough   to support the kettles; ironwood is good for this purpose; on this kettles are hung at a certain height above the fire. A hoop, with a piece of clean, coarse serge or flannel sewed over it, serves for a strainer; the edge of the pots should be rubbed with clean lard to prevent the sap from boiling over…If possible have more than one…

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